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Social Skills  Groups

Children on the spectrum typically have a harder time socializing with and relating to others. This can hinder them all life long with regards to making friends, employment, and many other areas of life. Guided social interactions and a safe environment can have a major impact on your child's future ability to socialize.

Social Skills Group Requirements:
  1. 1. Your child must be capable of working without supervision. (To be determined by your BCBA.)

  2. 2. Your child must not emit behavior that would be disruptive in a group setting. (To be determined by your BCBA.)

  3. 3. You child must have basic back and forth conversational skills.


  5. 4. Ages are typically 6 and up for entry to these groups.

    • We have 3 Groups:​

      • Ages 6-10​

      • Ages 11-


  7. 5. Enrollment in 1:1 sessions is not required to participate in Social Skills group.

  8. 6. Entry is contingent on assessment and approval by the BCBA.


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