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Learn with your child. 

Research shows that parent involvement is key to a child's success and at the Behavior Business LLC, it's a requirement to be in our program. You will learn how to aid your child in behavior management, skill acquisition, and social skills. All of these are important to your child's increased independence and functioning level. You will have weekly homework that will familiarize you with the principles and core concepts of ABA, while allowing you to effectively implement strategies to aid your child. 

Parents and Child
ABA Coaching Requirements Requirements:

1. If your child is receiving services from us, then you must be enrolled in an ABA Coaching program. 

2. Meet with a Behavior Analyst at least 2 times per month. 

3. Take data as instructed by the BCBA. 

4. Report data accurately and honestly to the BCBA.

5. Follow treatment plan goals with regards to effective intervention.

6. Implement agreed upon interventions to help your child increase his/her independence.



The Behavior Business LLC

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