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Prepackaged School Supply Kits

We provide in school session in both general education and special education settings. We will customize your child's programming to support their school curriculum, and their teacher's classroom needs. We also provide in-school assessments and will create a customized treatment plan for your child based on his or her needs. 

Requirements for In School Services:

1. A letter from the school stating the requirements for in school services:

  • Staffing patterns (How many staff can we have per student?)

  • School hours

  • Rules regarding interaction with students and staff Permission for The Behavior Business LLC to hold sessions during school hours on school property. 

2. Schedule of School Holidays (We need this to plan other ways for our staff to get their hours, when school is out). 

3. Teacher's contact information

4. Release of information for the Special Education Supervisor, Principal, teacher, and any other school staff that we will be regularly interacting with. 

5. Written confirmation from your insurance that we are authorized to hold sessions in school and in conjunction with school staff. 

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